Kamis, 17 April 2008

Naruto Uzumaki

Product Description
Based on the hit TV show Shonen Jump's Naruto, this 8" action figure features a dynamic pose and is sure to add some action-packed fun to any collection. Naruto figure measures 8" tall. Collect them all!

Shonen Jump: Naruto Rapid Attack Gloves

Product Description
Now kids can show their ninja skills with the rapid-fire Naruto Lightning Gloves! Inspired by Shonen Jump s Naruto, the hit TV show, the dual glove attack consists of electronic action sounds, six ninja stars and three flying daggers for real fighting action.

Naruto, Volume 24 (Comic)

Book Description
Rock Lee returns as Naruto once again chases after Sasuke. Plus, Kankuro, Temari and Gaara unexpectedly aid the Konohagakure against the Sound Ninjas. Could they be after something more than just rekindling the old alliance between Leaf and Sand?

Naruto - Headwear - Leaf Village Icon Headband

Product Description
Hidden Leaf is one of the most powerful ninja villages in the world. The village was founded by the brothers who would become First and Second Hokage approximately 60 years before the start of the series. Shonen Jump ninja fans will love Naruto headbands! Inspired by the hit TV show Naruto, this high-quality ninja headband depicts the Leaf Village logo stampped into a metal plate. Comes in plastic with product tag. One size fits all. Choking hazard. Not for children 8 and under. Headband around neck may cause asphyxiation.

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Product Description
In a game exclusively developed from the ground up for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, and for the first time ever, gamers will experience Naruto starting from the series’ beginning. Relive the hit anime and manga and experience Naruto’s transformation from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respected ninja.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

Product Description
As the latest and most advanced of the best fighting game series based on the Naruto Universe, Ultimate Ninja 3 perfects everything we have come to expect from the series and evolves it to the next level with major innovative features. Choose from over 40 of the most loved and feared characters from the entire Story Arc 1 to battle the best in the world of Naruto over 20 unique stages. Customize your character with the Ultimate Jutsu of your choice! Unleash your favorite characters’ Ultimate Jutsu beyond traditional multi-level super attacks to dominate your opponent. For the first time in the series, you will be able to turn some of your favorite characters into more powerful ninja warriors and summon giant creatures as allies! Relive the major events that define and conclude the entire Story Arc 1 in Hero’s History Mode in both English and original Japanese VO. This is the best of the series.