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Naruto Uncut Boxed Set, Volume 5 (2005)

Product Description
The Chunin Exams enter their final round as the popular fantasy-adventure Naruto continues. The arrival of Jiraiya, the lecherous arch-ninja known as The Sage of Toad-Mountain interrupts Naruto's intensive training regimen. Jiraiya wants to ogle the local girls, but Naruto wheedles and fusses until the Sage agrees to teach him the powerful jutsu used to summon a monster toad. His first efforts are unimpressive: All he can conjure is a tadpole. But Jiraiya's instruction enables Naruto to tap into the extraordinary spiritual power of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon imprisoned within his body. Drawing on this energy, Naruto defeats Neiji, avenging his cruel treatment of the gentle Hinata. But more serious matters overshadow Naruto's match: Sasuke vanishes from the hospital and everyone fears Orochimaru may be involved. Or is Sasuke's disappearance linked to a plot by the leaders of the Sand and Wind Villages to break the peace treaty among ninja and destroy the Hidden Leaf Village? At the center of this intrigue is the highly anticipated face-off between Sasuke and Gaara, the murderous psychotic who fights with enchanted sand. Sasuke arrives just as the match is slated to begin, and the collection ends on a cliff-hanger. The filmmakers also provide plenty of slapstick, ramen dinners, jutsu, and cartoony tantrums that Naruto fans expect. (Rated T+ Older Teen, suitable for ages 12 and older: violence, toilet humor, brief nudity, alcohol and tobacco use) --Charles Solomon

*3 DVD box set with 14 episodes. Featuring original and uncut episodes.

*Includes original audio tracks and original series soundtrack.

*English dubbed / Japanese (with optional English subtitles).

*Collectible Naruto storyboards booklet

From sketch to screen - Storyboard to animation comparison

*Volume 6 Sneak Preview.

With the final round of the Chunin Exam only a month away, Naruto receives some special training from Jiraiya, one of the three legendary Sannin, to summon and master the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit within him. Can Naruto turn this dangerous force into a strength and overcome the odds, against the formidable Neji?! Meanwhile, a dark plan that affects the fate of the Hidden Leaf Village begins to reveal itself as the much-anticipated match between Sasuke and Gaara draws near!

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